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AI-Powered Phone Gimbal

AI-Powered Phone Gimbal

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Discover the Evolution of Smartphone Videography

Unlock the full potential of your smartphone's camera with our revolutionary AI-powered gimbal. This gimbal features intelligent face tracking and seamless 360° rotation capabilities, ensuring your videos are nothing short of cinematic masterpieces. With the convenience of a remote shutter, you're empowered to create flawlessly smooth recordings without ever having to touch your screen. Elevate your video content to professional heights effortlessly with this cutting-edge technology. Make every shot a perfect capture and transform your videography journey today.

Elevate Your Videography with Smart Control

Our AI Gimbal transforms your smartphone into a smart filming device with intuitive gesture and button controls. Initiate tracking with a simple "OK" sign, or pause with an open palm – it's that easy. Switch off gesture commands with a quick button press to ensure flawless operation during live streams or calls. Designed for seamless integration with top social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, it's the perfect companion for all your live streams, photos, and videos, acting as your personal filming assistant.

AI-Powered Precision & Dynamic 360° Movement

Equipped with sophisticated AI technology, our tripod has undergone rigorous testing with over 5000 sensors to guarantee accurate identification and tracking of faces or bodies. It offers a complete 360° rotational capability, capturing every angle as you move. Plus, it intelligently adjusts its tilt based on whether you're seated or standing, providing perfectly framed shots every time.

Innovative Detachable Lighting Feature

Our latest Auto Face Tracking Tripod introduces a unique, detachable lighting feature with six levels of adjustable brightness, catering to your diverse requirements for live streams, video calls, and photography in dim conditions. This ensures your creativity isn’t hindered by lighting conditions, providing consistent illumination.

Effortless Smartphone Attachment

The redesigned Auto Face Tracking Tripod simplifies the process of attaching or detaching your smartphone for uninterrupted live or recorded sessions. Thanks to its innovative Removable Cell Phone Clip, switching your phone in and out is seamless, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Enhanced 360° Panoramic Shooting

Our state-of-the-art AI Tracking Gimbal boasts a 360° rotation feature, accessible via a dedicated button, to elevate your panoramic video captures. Its versatile stand not only folds for portability but also offers complete 360° rotation, ensuring your videos are free from any restrictive angles.

Ultimate Toolkit for Content Creators

This gimbal comes ready with a universal 1/4" screw thread for easy tripod mounting, allowing for flexible angle and height adjustments. Included is a Bluetooth remote for effortless phone connectivity, ideal for a range of shooting environments, indoors and outdoors. Lightweight at just 353g, it’s your perfect companion for capturing life’s moments, anytime, anywhere, with ease.


Material: ABS plastic
Use Distance: 1-3m
Suitable Size: 40-80mm
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Weight: 353g

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